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Festival Fodder

Festivals mean food, drinks and entertainment. Shared with friends. What’s not to like?

 The fodder at festivals is outstanding nowadays, with so much on offer and the quality second to none. If you’re looking for gourmet-style to compliment your craft beer stalls, or something that extra special to dish up for your music lovers,
a Fizz and Fire barbecue is the perfect choice.

We provide freshly-made, hot food that’s quick to prepare, simple to serve and has bags full of flavor. Our portable barbecue station sits nicely whatever the festival or show, great to gather around to see, hear and smell the delights on offer. This is quality street food for your revelers to enjoy on-the-go, providing tantalizing tastes to savor all day and bundles of energy to party all night.

Your festival-goers deserve a first-class experience, so give them first-class treatment with Fizz and Fire barbecued street food.

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