5 Fun Ways to keep Children Entertained on Your Wedding Day

For adults weddings are fantastic occasions and a wonderful excuse to party, but for children it can a very different story, many children struggle to stay quiet and sit still throughout the day. For those couple who want to make sure the little ones are involved and entertained throughout the day we’ve put together some ideas.

Photo Booth / Treasure Hunts / Ball Pool

Keep children entertained for hours with some fun props and a camera, a kit containing clues and a map to send them around the venue in search of hidden treasure, or - space permitting - a ball pool to dive about in.

Games Room / Movie theatre

Set out a games console, board games, a TV and some DVDs and/or some crafting supplies and instructions in a space that can be dedicated to the children in your party. (You venue is likely to be able to provide this). Just be careful to keep any craft activities clean, to avoid lots of mess - colouring, bead threading and origami are all good ways for children to have fun and pass the time.

Outdoor wedding? How about a tent that is just for children? A table for bubble blowing fluid in big bottles, a piñata and/or toys that will burn their energy whilst you celebrate your special day? (Try wedding themed hoopla with painted bottles).

Wedding Breakfast Arts

The wedding breakfast can be challenging for a little person in terms of sitting relatively quietly at a table for 2-3 hours straight. Dedicate a table to children to cover in poster paper, or design special place mats for children to colour on - and provide pots of crayons (or other clean drawing kit) so that they can keep busy drawing during dinner.

Nap Time

A wedding day is a long day for adults, let alone toddlers. Remember that games and movie room? Adorn it with soft pillows, night lights to project stars on the ceiling, and a music player to serenade them with something soothing. Let parents know that this room is on hand for quiet time and napping throughout the day.

Child Friendly Food Stations

It’s likely that, at various points during the day, little ones will be wound up from all the excitement, starting to tire, in need of some attention or basically, just hungry. Promise them treats on the condition that they are well behaved. Choose something like clear gummy sweets or white marshmallows that won’t create mess on pristine outfits. 

Other options might be fruity cocktails at the drinks reception, cookies and chocolate milk during the evening, popcorn machines, donut stands, cupcake displays … You get the idea! We can help you provide snacks throughout the day to keep hunger at bay and smiles on little faces. Whatever your plans, let us know, we are happy to help incorporate them into your menu.

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