Sensational Sizzles

Fiery Feasts

Parties are magical, aren’t they? Having fun with friends, sharing good times, making memories together. And devouring the most magnificent feast you can imagine!

Your food is your centre-piece, and essential to your party’s success. It needs tantalising aromas, beautiful presentation and bundles of flavour to hit the spot – plus a sprinkling of magic we like to call the ‘sizzle’.

Fizz and Fire provide street food inspired feasts that are simply out of this world, bursting with colours, textures and tastes you and your guests will love. Every dish is carefully created by our incredible team of chefs, using only the finest ingredients and cooked to perfection.

Think wonderfully vivacious Mediterranean dishes. Think fresh, locally-farmed mouth-watering meats. Think American-style burgers and Mexican burritos. Think world-class catering in a new-age style: freshly fired-up, full of flavour and served to you and your guests on fabulous platters to share.

This is much more than finger food, this is top notch street food at its finest, a feast that will leave you and
your guests completely sizzled!