Five reasons for your fabulous winter wedding!

Don’t let the cooler climes put you off having a wedding during winter. It has to be one of the most beautiful times of year to tie the knot, with so many positives to a wintertime wedding. So, let’s say goodbye summer and hello, magical winter wedding as we glam up, wrap up and raise a glass or three to your best-ever big day!

Our top five reasons for your wonderful winter wedding!

The Food…

We’re about to share a secret with you: caterers LOVE a winter wedding! While it’s typically a much cooler season than summer, winter brings an abundance of scope for fabulous flavours, textures and tastes. And no one has to worry about the warm temperature damaging the food or attracting unwanted guests (yes, we mean the buzzy types!)

Of course, your guests need to feel comfortable and will appreciate something to warm them on arrival – particularly if they’ve journeyed from the wedding ceremony to the celebrations. How about a hot apple cider or mulled wine as a welcome drink over a Bucks Fizz? When it’s time to dine, opt for a traditional winter warmer like a hearty pie in the richest gravy crowned with mouth-watering puff pastry. Succulent, slow-cooked meats on platters for everyone to share. Or for something lighter, perhaps a fish dish led by salmon or haddock and accompanied by a mix of winter veg. And if you prefer less traditional fare, how about a global infusion with a selection of tasty treats from around the world – from Mexican Chilli and Chicken Tacos to Mediterranean Shawarma and sweet Salsas? And don’t forget your vegetarian and vegan options, plus something for those less tolerant of firey foods!

The Fashion…

Without bragging, the UK does winter fashion rather well. We have to – being cold isn't something our nations can ignore! And over the decades, we've learned how to boss the season by bibbing and booting ourselves ready to embrace the elements with style!

Without question, your guests have so many clothing options for a winter wedding – way more than during the summer when keeping cool is paramount. Talk about being spoilt for choice! Take the trouser suit, for example, a classy wedding look that's often too much to wear in warmer temperatures. Or a long-length dress, great at giving that extra coverage to keep the cold at bay and beautiful whether pencil, pleated, maxi or A-line. The shorter cocktail dress works just as well in the winter as it does in the summer, with the right accessories (think sparkly stockings). Topped with a faux fur for warmth and a fine finish, your guests are good to go!

Winter also sees a much broader colour palette on offer. While the summer and sunshine lend themselves to softer shades, winter brings bold, striking colours into play – lush forest greens, royal blues, deep burgundies and browns. Not only fantastic options for your guests but for your bridesmaids and groomsmen too!

As for your winter wedding gown, whatever style you're wearing – from strapless to laced sleeves, bateau to ball gown – a fur trim or removable wrap will ensure extra warmth and that picture-perfect finish. Dare we suggest you consider straying from traditional white or ivory attire too? 

The Feels…

You don’t need summer to create great wedding vibes. As it happens, the darker days can work in your favour when it comes to shaping the mood, giving you plenty of opportunity to play with your lighting and bring out the colour of your décor. Using metallic shades - gold, silver and copper – throughout your venue will help your wedding space to shine, particularly when the hundreds of fairy lights kick in.

Asides from the lighting, flowers play a central role on your big day, and it’s no different at a winter wedding. While you may think there are fewer options because of the season, it isn’t the case, with plenty of colourful fauna in bloom – carnations, for example, available in oranges, yellows, reds and purples (hint: they’re not too costly either!). Then there’s the simple, never fails red or white roses option, both of which look incredible offset against winter greenery. Add plenty of ornamental pinecones, holly and berries around your wedding venue to help create the classic winter feel.

If there’s an open fire at your venue or the chance of lighting one outdoors, all the better. The natural flames provide a genuine warmth and encourage that cosy, ‘come huddle together’ atmosphere bound to add to the day’s magic. Plus, if you’ve welcomed little ones along to celebrate, what better way to cap off a day’s fun than lighting a few sparklers and dipping toasted marshmallows into melted chocolate!

The Photos… 

Despite what you might think, the winter months can present an excellent option weather-wise for your wedding. While it's much cooler air than in the summer, the skies are often clear blue, making for some incredible professional photography during the day. Offset against those striking outfits, you're guaranteed imagery that's awash with colour. And if there's a light sprinkling of snow on the ground, then all the more magical!

Of course, there are more ways to capture the day's moments besides your hired wedding photographer. Putting disposable cameras on each table centre for guests to use at their will means even more wedding day highlights to look over post-wedding day. Just remember they need to be of decent quality to take pictures in any light – indoors and outdoors.

You'll likely have more within the venue at a winter wedding, and not all your guests will make a beeline for the dancefloor! A portable photo booth (with LOTS of props!) is an excellent way for guests to capture snaps for themselves instantly.

The FUN!

Think the party mood drops in the winter months? Think again! For many people, the opposite happens as we grapple with the darker days and pour heart and soul into feeling cheery, whatever the weather. And what better than a wedding to turn frowns upside down?!

If you plan on having your nuptials between Christmas and New Year’s Day, this is a perfect time from a guest’s perspective, with many already taking work holidays and being available to travel. Just remember to give them plenty of notice – and bear in mind lots of other festive functions take place in the pre-Christmas run-up!

Your venue likely has plenty of ‘Christmas’ about it already. Why not take advantage of the silly season vibe and combine the two occasions to create double the fun? How about adding the odd Christmas tune to your DJ’s music playlist? Or scattering a few elf hats and reindeer antler headbands around the venue for some impromptu festive selfies! You could even hang mistletoe and have your guests feeling the love alongside you!

Step aside, summertime nuptials. Welcome, winter wedding!

Hopefully, we have helped you to see all the magic of a winter wedding. Now, all you need is a team to help bring it together!

Fizz and Fire is here to support the planning, design and delivery of your magical day, using your vision and our experience plus a whole load of fine food and ‘sizzle’ we’re famed for.

Let’s get your winter wedding on! Arrange a chat with our wedding team today!

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