Are grazing tables the new trend?

Nobody sits down to eat anymore.

It’s true, we’ve been trying to move away from our chairs for years and it appears we have finally been given the green light to do so, with weddings, in particular, tipped to be all a-graze this year. Which is music to our ears, since grazing tables are what Fizz and Fire are all about!

Standing to eat is no new concept, in fact, our good friends the Aussies have been doing this for years; you need only to look at the national icon – the Barby – for proof. This laid-back bunch next chose to bring their woddevah… attitude to the wedding reception in the form of the Roaming Canape; otherwise known as the ‘Why sit down and eat finger food when I can stand with a drink and let the food come to me, one bite-sized delicacy at a time?’ concept. Awesomely fair dinkum, if you ask us.

Back in England town, seems this eating on your feet is far from blue-sky thinking either. Remember the buffet – vol au vents, curly sandwiches and various crisp flavours in a multitude of bowls? Oh, and don’t forget the dips, whatever you do! Locally, we’ve been forming an orderly queue and gathering tableside for decades. The major change between now and the ‘70s - the buffet’s hay day - is the food on offer. Welcome, people, to an all-new, grazingly good, platter wonderland!

Eyes First, Tummies Second
If you’re looking for an event show pony then a grazing table is just what you need, with even the mediocre typically resembling a culinary masterpiece. Ultimately, it’s a heap of varying food items thrown together, which makes it quite difficult at times to fathom just how well this can be done, the attention to detail put into these spreads verging on astounding. What’s the savoury equivalent of candy, again? Well, a platter should always be Eye ‘that word’! It could even feature real candy too; or, at the very least, a slab or five of chocolate! Basically, anything and everything goes with a grazing table, from baps and bloomer bread to edible gold-adorned quail eggs (don’t worry, it’s nothing like chomping on a Rolex, in fact, it’s tasteless – but paired with the right food, looks simply stunning!).

A Real Variety Show
The flavours and tastes you can bring to a grazing platter are infinite. Seriously, why limit your options when you can have absolutely anything on your table? Remember, you’re often catering to large numbers of people at a wedding – all with varied tastes - and traditional forms of dining can be quite restricting when you’re looking for a food type to suit everyone. Many a culinary box is ticked with a grazing platter, packed out with all sorts of sensational delights, savoury, sweet or mixed. Stick with the staples and platter up an array of cured meats, hunks of cheese, dried fruits and nuts; or up the ante and throw down some scrumptious American sliders, tasty Thai fishcakes and slow-roasted pork belly pieces. We know what we’d do if it was a Fizz and Fire grazing table…!

The Stuff Themes Are Made Of
Colours? Tastes? Vegan only? Absolutely anything goes with a platter and there is no shame including a theme for your grazing table; it all depends on your audience and the reason for your get-together as to what might work best – and don’t think for a second this type of dining works only at weddings! Perhaps it’s a girl’s weekend get-together you’re hosting and want to create a platter full of nourishing, lean, ‘healthy-options’ style food. Or a Christmas works luncheon where you’d like your corporate colours to feature heavily on your table (think beyond the food here: flowers, tableware, decorations). Maybe a group of guys gathering for a birthday celebration who would lap up a mixed platter full of all kinds of hot and cold goodies. And don’t forget the accompanying drinks!

There really is nothing better, is there? A relaxed style of dining done in your own time. No place settings, cutlery or seating times to worry about; and no falling off your chair backwards after you’ve had one beverage too many… You can come and go from the grazing table as you please, and return as many times as you like. Not too hungry yet? Fine, just have a little nibble, to begin with and see how you go! There’s no other way of looking at it, grazing platters are the ultimate in chilled out dining, whatever the food, theme or occasion and what’s more they’re an absolute must this year if you want a party that truly stands out (ha! Stands out!).

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