Our Story

Come with us on a journey

…through the gardens and fields, to the countryside. To the great outdoors. 

To where music plays, and people dance, greeting friends with a hug and a smile.

To a feast so divine, so bountiful, so full of flavour. And there’s plenty for everyone to share.

Come on, let’s go!

The sounds will guide us.  Follow the melodies playing subtly in the distance. Follow the laughter, the shouts and shrieks of sheer joy. Follow the elation.

We’re getting closer now…

Can you see the lights? Keep looking – follow their glow. Their warmth.

Listen carefully. You can hear the corks popping. Cocktails being mixed, bottles clinked.

Aaah… smell the wonderful aromas wafting through the wind? They’re exquisite! What ARE they?!

Keep going, we’re almost there… just a little further now….

The lights are becoming brighter. The music louder and more lively. The laughter, the voices, the excitement!

Everyone sounds so thrilled, so euphoric. It’s like…. Like MAGIC!

And… we’re here….


(Pop. Tssssss. Glug-glug-glug-glug-glug. Gulp. Aaaaaahh…)